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Chapter 634 I Want to Be Your Child’s Dad

  • All the movement and voices stopped abruptly at the same time.
  • Glowering at Han Muzi as she shielded Ye Linhan from his punches, Ye Moxuan squinted his eyes at her and asked, “Are you protecting him?”
  • The stare was bottomless, like an iceberg from extreme winter that made one shiver involuntarily.
  • Even though Ye Linhan had fallen to the ground, he smiled happily upon seeing Han Muzi blocking and protecting him from Ye Moxuan.
  • However, his smile seemed provocative in the eyes of Ye Moxuan. “What a great tactic to act like a weak person in front of a woman,” he sneered.
  • “That is enough, Ye Moxuan!” Han Muzi shouted at him. “He did not return a single punch after being beaten by you continuously, yet you want to insult him even more?”
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