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Chapter 364 Is That Him?

  • Little Bean shook his head thoughtfully. "Mommy, I'm not tired. You don't need to carry me."
  • Feeling sorry for him, Han Muzi squatted down and hugged his little head. "Do you want to lean on me for a while? I'm sorry. I didn't know that this would happen."
  • She blamed herself a little, for she felt that Little Bean was always suffering because of her.
  • Although this kind of situation was not a big deal for Han Muzi, she felt distressed whenever she thought of Little Bean. Perhaps the reason she was too sensitive was because she didn't have a complete family growing up.
  • "It's okay, Mommy. I am not tired. Besides, there are so many people here; it's very lively."
  • Han Muzi didn't speak anymore. Instead, she buried her head in Little Bean's neck and closed her eyes.
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