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Chapter 785 The Person Rooted in My Heart

  • Do you fancy Yuchi? Han Muzi wasn’t sure how to answer that question. Between Ye Moxuan and her… it wasn’t as simple as whether she liked him or not. If she had to answer this question, then… She smiled lightly. “I don’t fancy him per se.”
  • George widened his eyes. “You don’t like him?” What the hell, did I get it wrong?
  • “He’s the person rooted in my heart.”
  • While he was wondering whether he had gotten it all wrong, her next sentence had him involuntarily widening his eyes. “T-The… person rooted in your heart? A-Are your feelings toward Yuchi Shen that deep?”
  • No, that doesn’t make sense. He squinted his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him. She was undoubtedly sitting in front of him, but when she spoke those words, her voice carried a hint of regret and ruefulness. Her eyes seemed to look at him, yet they were looking right through him. It was obvious that her mind had wandered to a far-off place. As to where that far-off place was, he believed he could hazard a guess.
  • “Ahem…” He cleared his throat lightly, bringing her back to the present. “Erm, Muzi, you… Is Yuchi someone you’re acquainted with since a long time ago?”
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