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Chapter 1254 I’ll Even Bully You

  • In the end, Ye Moxuan truly couldn’t take it anymore, and he stepped forward to take Little Sprout from her arms. At first, Han Muzi didn’t want to allow it, but since Ye Moxuan normally held Little Sprout often, Little Sprout actually giggled and stretched out her tiny fists at him when he extended his arms to carry her.
  • Han Muzi who’d wanted to dominate Little Sprout was struck speechless. Isn’t this my biological daughter? How could she abandon her mother when she sees her daddy? Don’t they say that a child always clings to the mother? Although she was chagrined with Ye Moxuan, since Little Sprout wanted her daddy to carry her, Han Muzi naturally didn’t refuse, allowing him to take her into his arms. “You carry her, then. I’m going back to the house to rest for a moment.” She turned around to leave after she’d said that, but Ye Moxuan firmly grasped her wrist.
  • “You haven’t told me what had happened.” Ye Moxuan easily carried Little Sprout with a single hand. It’d taken a very long time from when he didn’t know how he should hold her and still made her uncomfortable despite being extremely careful in the beginning to the extent whereby he could simply carry her without making her cry now. The Ye Moxuan now could be dubbed a superdad, and as long as he was there, Han Muzi didn’t need to do anything at all.
  • Han Muzi pursed her red lips, not knowing what to do now that he’d restrained her hand. After all, it didn’t seem to be her style to dig up the past, and if she truly uttered it aloud, it’d make her seem all the more petty. So, what should I say? However, if she bottled it, she’d feel very depressed. In the end, she could only say ‘nothing’ in a morose tone.
  • Upon hearing that, Ye Moxuan instantly chuckled helplessly. His voice was gruff, and as the tip of his tongue pressed against his back molars, even his tone dropped a few notches. “Yet you say nothing? As soon as I came back, you’ve been giving me attitude. Not only did you not allow me to kiss you, but you also forbade me from following you. I just came back from a meeting, so I don’t know what had happened in this house. Did anything unpleasant happen?”
  • Frowning, Han Muzi looked at him seriously. “So, you mean, you’re already very tired after the meeting, but when you came home, you see me trying to make trouble out of nothing?”
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