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Chapter 280 One Last Time

  • Judging from Shen Qi’s silence with her head hung low, Zhu Yun was worried that Shen Qi might make blind guesses or misunderstood Ye Moxuan again, so she quickly explained on behalf of Ye Moxuan, "Young Lady, Young Master Ye really cares a lot about you."
  • Shen Qi came to her senses and smiled at Zhu Yun. "Well, you seem to be taking his side quite often."
  • Zhu Yun blushed awkwardly.
  • "Oh, don't tease me, Young Lady. I'm not taking his side—I'm just stating the truth. You know it yourself, don’t you?"
  • Yes, this time, Shen Qi knew.
  • She knew that it was not a one-sided love. Ye Moxuan was also interested in her.
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