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Chapter 1446 He Still Has a Conscience

  • “Xiao Su, did you hear me? Put me down this instant. You still have wounds on you, and they’ve reopened. You’re bleeding now.”
  • When Jiang Xiaobai was still angry with him, she thought that she would not flinch even if Xiao Su had fainted on the streets. Not only would she not feel heartbroken, but she would also just ignore him.
  • Now that she had seen the blood stains on his shirt, Xiaobai realized that she would still feel heartbroken in the end.
  • However, Xiao Su did not listen to her words and stubbornly walked with her in his arms. When Jiang Xiaobai struggled to get out of his arms, Xiao Su just held her tighter and made his wounds reopen faster.
  • This made Jiang Xiaobai anxious at once and she bit her bottom lip. “Are you putting me down or not?”
  • Xiao Su probably had heard the anger in her voice as he became concerned and stopped in his tracks. After taking a glance at Jiang Xiaobai, he said, “Since I’ve angered you, I deserve to suffer this too. You don’t need to pity me.”
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