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Chapter 1537 Name Him After You Come Back

  • Don’t leave me again!
  • If she left him again, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t be able to bear it anymore. All this while he was living like a zombie. Other than going to work, he was looking after the kid. If it weren’t for a sliver of hope, and if it weren’t for Han Muzi’s words, he would have broken down long ago.
  • He really wanted to go look for Jiang Xiaobai and bring her back home. However, he was worried that, if he looked for her, she would resist him strongly like before and they wouldn’t be able to solve their problems.
  • So, all he could do was bear with it.
  • Young Lady had said that whether Jiang Xiaobai would return was all up to Jiang Xiaobai’s feelings for him. He thought that she would never return, but she had now returned!
  • She had returned!
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