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Chapter 973 How Ridiculous

  • Very familiar with it? When Ye Moxuan heard these four words, his brows inadvertently furrowed and there was a strange emotion in his eyes as he looked at Han Muzi. Jason mentioned he used to treat women like they were evil, and she agreed, saying she was familiar with it. Did that mean, in the past, he had treated her…
  • That’s right. He remembered what Little Bean had said to him. The boy had said that he had treated his Mommy badly, even horribly. It seemed like he had done a lot of things to hurt Han Muzi in the past. At that thought, he clenched his hands into a fist and laughed mockingly in his heart, probably laughing at himself.
  • “Alright, these are all things that have happened in the past. No matter what happened then, it isn’t important anymore.”
  • Is it not important? He stared at Han Muzi’s side profile, pursed his thin lips, and said nothing.
  • On the other side, Yan followed Han Qing into the car, but she didn’t dare to blatantly sit next to him in the backseat, so she could only tactfully sit in the passenger seat. For her, just being in the same car with Han Qing was enough to satisfy her.
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