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Chapter 236 Are You Confident?

  • Shen Qi knew immediately that it belonged to Ye Moxuan since Song An mentioned that it dropped out of his suit jacket. Hence, she accepted the small box from Song An and was ready to place it back into the jacket’s pocket.
  • Song An cocked a brow at her when she saw how obedient Shen Qi was. “Aren’t you curious what it is? Don’t you want to open the box and have a look?”
  • Shen Qi paused when she heard that before looking up to meet Song An’s gaze.
  • ‘Open the box and have a look’?
  • “The box seems small and intricate, and even if it belongs to Moxuan, I’m sure that he bought it as a present for someone. Maybe it’s a gift for you. Why don’t you open it to have a peek?”
  • “Th-That doesn’t seem right,” Shen Qi answered with an embarrassed smile. After all, it isn’t right to touch Ye Moxuan’s belongings without his permission. Besides, Ye Moxuan would never buy me a gift.
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