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Chapter 283 This Has Nothing To Do With You

  • "President Han."
  • Su Jie’s greeting pulled Han Qing back to his senses. He glanced at Su Jiu briefly and then focused on Shen Qi.
  • It was only when he saw the clean clothes on her that he looked away in relief.
  • However, after a while, something struck his mind and he frowned at Su Jiu, who had no choice but to explain, "Miss Shen is worried about Miss Xueyou, so she insisted to come with me."
  • From their exchanges, Shen Qi could guess what was going on, so she stepped forward to speak on behalf of Su Jiu. "I insisted on coming here. How do you expect me to rest now that Xueyou is in this situation? It's better for me to wait at the hospital with you."
  • Han Qing shrugged quietly upon hearing Shen Qi’s remark.
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