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Chapter 177 Psychological Pressure

  • When they reached the side of the car, Han Xueyou pushed Ye Moxuan up and then stayed in the car. As Shen Qi stood there, anger welled up in her. At this moment, a car drove up to her. Then, the car window was rolled down, revealing Ye Linhan.
  • “Are you going to the company? I’ll drop you off.” The chill in Ye Linhan’s eyes from before had disappeared. Instead, he was gentle, considerate and polite as usual.
  • Shen Qi subconsciously looked in the direction of Ye Moxuan just in time to see Han Xueyou bending over to help him with something. Meanwhile, Ye Moxuan’s cold gaze seemed to shift to them intentionally or unintentionally before reverting back indifferently.
  • “Qi, come here.” Han Xueyou suddenly thought of something and turned around to wave to her.
  • Shen Qi said, “... No thanks.”
  • For some unknown reason, Shen Qi refused. Then, before any of them could respond, she had already pulled open the door of the passenger seat of Ye Linhan’s car and got in.
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