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Chapter 1346 Celebrate His Birthday

  • Very dark circles under my eyes? Yan felt embarrassed by her question and subconsciously reached out to touch the area under her eyes. “Is it that bad?”
  • Xu Yanwan leaned closer and took a better look. “It’s quite severe. Are you sleeping badly recently? Or, is it something important?”
  • In truth, Yan had not thought of telling anybody about it. However, thinking that Xu Yanwan was a girl just like her, as well as someone who has known Han Qing since they were kids, she decided it wasn’t a big deal if she told her. Thus, she told Xu Yanwan about what she wanted to do.
  • After listening to her, Xu Yanwan was dumbstruck for a long while before she came back to her senses. “Do you mean to say that… you want to celebrate Han Qing’s birthday?”
  • “Yes, that’s right.” Yan nodded. “At first, I wanted to give him a present, but after thinking about it, he doesn’t seem to lack anything. So, I might as well handcraft something of sentimental value for him.”
  • “Then, don’t you know—” He has never celebrated his birthday. Xu Yanwan nearly said that out loud, but she paused before the words came out. She recalled the scene she had witnessed just now—the man she liked was crouched in front of another woman, and his gaze was soft and warm as he stared at the other person. That was something she had never seen before. Moreover, Han Qing had never looked at her in that way before!
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