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Chapter 1638 Wish to Reconcile

  • After reconciling with Yuchi Yishu, Tang Yuanyuan’s mood went back to normal. She was eager to share her good mood with Meng Kefei. However, it was too late by the time she got back—Meng Kefei had gone to bed.
  • After getting into bed, she couldn’t help feeling as if the incidents that occurred during the day were a dream—it felt unreal, especially since things developed just as she wanted them to. She lay there in the dark with her eyes wide open; she was unable to fall asleep. Unfortunately, there was nobody she could talk to. Moreover, she was worried that if she used her phone, the sound of her typing on her phone would disturb the others. For that reason, she didn’t dare to toss and turn either, and could only lay there quietly.
  • She did not know how long she lay there before she finally fell asleep.
  • When she woke up the next day, the room was empty. She got up and checked Meng Kefei’s bed, then she found that the blankets and everything else was neatly folded. It was obvious that Meng Kefei had already left. Rubbing her eyes, she wondered, Did I oversleep?
  • Getting out of bed, Tang Yuanyuan prepared to go and wash up in the bathroom. Coincidentally, she ran into Yuan Yuehan, who was coming out from inside. Since the revelation the other day, they had not talked to each other and treated each other like strangers when they met. Due to Tang Yuanyuan’s family background, Yuan Yuehan and Zhang Xiaolu did not dare to do anything to her.
  • Seeing that Tang Yuanyuan was heading to the bathroom, Yuan Yuehan walked out of the restroom, then couldn’t resist turning back and glancing at her. “Yuanyuan.”
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