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Chapter 404 Gloomy, Depressed Style

  • After hearing what Li Junfeng said, Zhang Yu was left speechless.
  • That day, when Han Muzi was having a meeting, she pointed out all of their weaknesses, as if she had it all in the palm of her hand.
  • “That doesn’t prove that she is capable. We have been in this business for so many years now; she could easily hire anyone to check on us if she really wanted to know. In this world, there is nothing money can’t do for you. Isn’t it true?”
  • “Yes, it is true that there is nothing money can’t do.” Li Junfeng turned over to Zhang Yu with a smile. “For example, it is obvious that you hate her guts, but you still stayed here for money.”
  • This sentence hit hard on her face like a slap, and she couldn’t recover from her embarrassment. Leng Yueyue was giggling aside, while Xiao Yiyi couldn’t help smiling as well.
  • Even Shu Guo’er, who sat beside Zhang Yu, gave her a disdainful smile. “I told you before. You could leave if you’re not happy staying here, but you chose to stay. Now, I see the reason.”
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