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Chapter 1678 Yuchi Yishu Has Changed

  • Yuchi Yishu thought he had misheard him. Yuanyuan is eating hotpot with another guy?
  • “Yishu? Yishu?”
  • He only snapped out of it when he heard his roommate call his name a few times. Lifting his hand to look at the time on his watch, Yuchi Yishu pursed his lips then asked, “Where?”
  • Just as Jiang Yu returned inside, the waiter brought over their new order and switched out a new pot for them. Zong Yongran motioned to Tang Yuanyuan and asked, “Yuanyuan, do you want to come sit over here?”
  • They were at a table for six. Initially, the both of them were sitting face-to-face with each other. When Yuchi Yishu’s friends showed up, they sat next to Tang Yuanyuan and left Zong Yongran on the other side by himself.
  • Jiang Yu automatically got up. “I’ll sit over there.”
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