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Chapter 326 A Visit

  • When she reached the door, Mrs. Shen noticed a group of men standing outside. Moreover, all of them looked unfamiliar. In that instant, her expression changed abruptly as she said, “Yue, close the doors quickly.”
  • Shen Yue could not react in time. As such, Mrs. Shen raised her hand in an attempt to close the door. However, they were too slow as somebody had taken a step forward and stopped the door from closing by placing his hand on it.
  • Mrs. Shen tried her best to close the door but to no avail. She was so frightened that she staggered backward. Seeing as Shen Yue was standing beside the door in a dumbfounded manner, she quickly took a step forward and pulled Shen Yue behind her. Then, she bellowed, “What do you guys think you are doing?! Let me tell you this, I am penniless at the moment. If you guys want the money, you should look for my other daughter. She is the Young Lady of the Ye Family. She can give you all a lot of money!”
  • When the leader of the group—a dignified-looking man with a cold aura—heard the way she addressed her daughter as the Young Lady of the Ye Family, he frowned. “What did you say?”
  • Mrs. Shen was stunned as she narrowed her eyes. “What’s the matter? Don’t you believe me? I know you guys are here to collect the debts, right? I told you already that I do not have the money. If you guys want it, you have to look for my elder daughter. She is the Young Lady of the Ye Family. No matter how much money you want, she can give it to you.”
  • “Mom!” Shen Yue looked at the man who seemed to be the leader of the group. She pondered for a moment before she said, “I don’t think he is a debt collector. You shouldn’t talk nonsense anymore.” With that, Shen Yue pushed her mother away gently as she approached the man and smiled. “I am sorry. My mother has been sick for the last two days. As such, she is a bit muddle-headed right now and is spouting a lot of nonsense. May I know who you guys are?”
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