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Chapter 1599 The Quarrel

  • Tang Yuanyuan turned toward Yuchi Yishu and took his arm, saying, "Let’s go, Yishu."
  • Yuchi Yishu glanced at An Qian, and he sensed an emanating reluctance from Tang Yuanyuan, so he obliged. "Alright, let’s head downstairs ."
  • After the two left, An Qian lashed out at Zhong Chufeng, "You asked me to apologize to her, and I did. Did you see her attitude?"
  • “What attitude?” Zhong Chufeng glanced at her coldly. "If you said those things to me, believe me when I say that I will slap you."
  • "What?!" An Qian called out in disbelief.
  • Zhong Chufeng ignored her and walked downstairs. An Qian gritted her teeth for a moment before following suit.
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