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Chapter 1371 What Are You Nervous About?

  • She desperately pushed Han Qing’s shoulders and anxiously said, “No!”
  • Since returning from the trip, the two had not slept together, and Yan had also stopped fantasizing about it. Furthermore, Han Qing would always like to be alone. If it was not for her pregnancy, she would have thought they were in a platonic relationship. That’s not right. At least Han Qing would still kiss her and show that sort of desire when kissing her. However, he had probably been worried about something as he did not do anything else to her during that period.
  • Eventually, Yan had also forgotten about this. Now that something was about to happen between the two of them, she started to panic. After all, she was not alone now—she was carrying a baby inside of her. After getting pregnant, she read a lot of articles online and found out that babies below three months of age were in unstable conditions, so the mothers needed to take cautionary measures. She did not care much about it when she read this, but at this moment, she suddenly remembered that her fetus was not in a stable condition yet. What if she went along with Han Qing and something happened to the baby?
  • However, Han Qing did not know these things and was just thinking that the young lady was shy, so his feet did not stop moving. Yan watched as they got closer and closer to the bedroom. She was so anxious that she was struggling to jump off him. Han Qing grabbed her wrist and said in a hoarse voice, “What are you nervous about?”
  • “I-I’m not nervous.”
  • “Then are you afraid?” Han Qing stared at her; his eyes were deep and boundless like the sea.
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