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Chapter 1284 Annoying Fly

  • As a matter of fact, Xiao Su had a social engagement today, and coincidentally, it was arranged at the same hotel where Jiang Xiaobai was.
  • There were people smoking in the private room, and the smell of the cigarettes was strong. With the excuse to use the washroom, Xiao Su got out from the room to get some air. However, when he just exited the room, he heard a sound of a girl talking.
  • The girl’s voice was pleasant, lively and energetic. It was very familiar. After making a turn at the corner, he saw a tall and slim figure leaning against the window while talking on the phone.
  • “Why should I bring him? This occasion seems peaceful on the surface, but truth be told, it is vicious and daunting. Who would be willing to come to this kind of a place? Furthermore, our relationship isn’t real to begin with, so it wouldn’t be nice to have him here to be ridiculed together with me.”
  • “Right? If it hadn’t been for my mom forcing me to come, I would have stayed at home and watched drama, or I could have been sleeping now. But now, even before the birthday feast officially started, I’m feeling extremely sleepy.”
  • “Bear with it? I need to bear with it for the whole day. This is really upsetting.”
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