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Chapter 560 Jealousy

  • This was the first time Ye Moxuan had been to Han Muzi's place. After Xiao Su had looked into this, Ye Moxuan heard from him that this house was directly under Han Muzi's name and that it was her private property.
  • Even though Ye Moxuan was impressed by her working capabilities in his company back then, he surmised that if this woman was serious about doing something, few people could match her.
  • Before this, she lacked self-confidence. When her confidence was built up, she was probably the person who would stand out the most in a room. Hence, Ye Moxuan was not surprised at her achievements at all—as if everything was as he expected.
  • He took off his shoes in the hallway. After seeing that Han Muzi had ignored him, he walked directly inside with a slight smile on his face. Then, he bent down to open the shoe cabinet in the hallway by himself to put his shoes in.
  • After looking around, Ye Moxuan was taken aback when he saw a row of children's shoes neatly placed on the top row. These must belong to her child. The kid who called her 'mommy' on the phone.
  • Before this, he didn't know the gender of her child. After seeing those shoes, Ye Moxuan could confirm the gender. It seemed to be a boy.
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