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Chapter 1076 Match Made in Heaven

  • In all honesty, this feels alright. Let’s keep it this way. I will bury my feelings for him deep down in my heart, and I will suppress it to make sure that it will never see the light of day.
  • The phone rang again and Yan realized that it was a text message from Xiao Su. ‘I am out of the hospital now. Where are you?’
  • Yan’s expression changed slightly because she forgot about his earlier instructions since she had been in a state of panic, hence, she answered his message hastily. ‘I’m already on my way to the hospital. You don’t have to come all the way to pick me up. Thank you!’
  • Xiao Su felt an inexplicable bitterness at the tip of his tongue when he received the message. Is she not even giving me the chance to prove myself? Even if that’s true, I’m still worried about her safety. Thus, Xiao Su replied to her message. ‘Send me the car number plate. Be careful.’
  • Car number plate? Yan scowled when she read his message. Xiao Su must have assumed that I am either in a private car or a cab. That must be the reason why he’s asking for a car number plate. She answered his text directly. ‘That’s not necessary. I’m in President Han’s car. He is heading back to the hospital to see Muzi.’
  • Xiao Su read the message several times suspiciously as if he tried to confirm something. After a moment, he chuckled to himself while staring at his phone. I see.
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