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Chapter 818 Is This a Dream or Reality?

  • After hanging up the phone, the smile on George's face disappeared. Now, he looked extremely depressed. Standing in front of the French windows, George let out a sarcastic laugh all of a sudden. He felt that he would never forget that scene.
  • The Yuchi family, his family, and the Duanmu family had good relationships with each other. The younger generation of the Yuchi family and Duanmu family had once attempted to be connected through marriage but the failure of that caused their relationships to become sour. As a result, Grandfather Yuchi became the only person left in the Yuchi family, and that was an incident that Grandfather Yuchi would never bring up. As long as the good relationships between the three families were maintained, there would naturally be a lot of traffic among them.
  • George was the only son. There were Duanmu Xue and Duanmu Zhe in the Duanmu family. Since George and Duanmu Xue were similar in age, they used to spend a lot of time together when they were little. Like other people, George used to like the smart, pretty, and capable Duanmu Xue. He had dreamed a lot about the outstanding Duanmu Xue. He had also secretly wished that one day their two families could be connected through marriage.
  • He remembered the time when he was getting ready to tell his grandfather that he was planning on proposing to Duanmu Xue when he became an adult. If she was willing, he could take care of her for the rest of her life. However, it was at this point that he accidentally saw something that broke his heart.
  • That day, he headed over to the Duanmu residence to ask Duanmu Xue out. After waiting outside for a while, he got impatient and went straight into their house. That was when he heard a conversation.
  • "Miss Xue, George always drops by to look for you. Do you think he likes you?" the servant asked Duanmu Xue.
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