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Chapter 1453 Take a Drastic Measure

  • Later on, he noticed the expression on Xu Yanwan’s face whenever she spoke of the man she loved; he had never seen such an expression before.
  • The expression on her face was not one of infatuation; instead, it was one of sacred yearning.
  • This was the first time He Lianjing had ever seen such an expression on a woman’s face who was around him. When she spoke of the guy, the look in her eyes was of yearning and nothing else, for she was purely in love with him.
  • Initially, He Lianjing deliberately showered Xu Yanwan with presents because he couldn’t get her to give him her heart. However, his romantic overtures became genuine later, for he desperately wanted to be the man she longed for.
  • His parents had spent their entire lives without knowing what it was like to fall in love, and all the people he’d seen around him valued their interests above all else. Because of that, he desperately wanted to get hold of Xu Yanwan at all costs, but little did he expect that he still blundered in the end.
  • Xu Yanwan finally began to find him disgusting.
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