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Chapter 1428 Lost

  • The two of them turned their heads at the same time when they heard the sound. Nobody knew when Han Qing had arrived. He was wearing his suit for the wedding later that day, but his cuffs and collar were creased since he had run over in a haste. His forehead was also slightly perspiring; although he was breathing heavily, he still suppressed his breathing.
  • “Han Qing, Yan might still be in there. There’s a fire inside.” Looking at Han Qing, Luo Huimei burst into tears.
  • Gasping for air, Han Qing answered, “I know. Madam, Sir, please move to the side. I’ll see if I can barge through the door.”
  • “Alright, alright.” Luo Huimei quickly moved aside, and so did Mr. Zhou.
  • Since the door lock had been broken, the door could not be opened at all. At this point in time, Han Qing could not get his hands on any tools to smash the door lock either. Under such emergency circumstances, he could only barge through the door. Han Qing was young, and he also worked out on a regular basis. Thus, he was rather strong. The door managed to open after he had slammed himself against it several times, but it had also caused a huge commotion.
  • Every time he banged into the door, Luo Huimei felt like Han Qing’s flesh and bone were in pain. Nonetheless, Han Qing had a sullen look on his face, pursing his lips while slamming into the door with all his might.
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