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Chapter 873 I’m Worried About You

  • Seeing Ye Moxuan like this, Han Muzi couldn’t conceal her distress and her face changed as she rushed inside to switch off the water tap. She bent over her waist to touch his shoulder and she realized that his whole body was icy-cold. Being drenched in cold water for so long and the effects of the drug must have agonized him.
  • His clothes weighed on his body, so she could only awkwardly unbutton his clothes to take off his jacket, which became heavy as a result of being soaked.
  • It would have been fine for him to use cold water, but it wasn’t an option because he would need to be drenched in it until the morning. However, it was now winter, so if she allowed him to do so, he would definitely freeze.
  • “I need you to move your body so that I can take off this jacket.” As the jacket weighed a ton after being soaked in water, Han Muzi used all of her strength to push Ye Moxuan’s shoulder continuously.
  • The stoic Ye Moxuan who sat against the wall finally opened his eyes and glanced at her face. “Didn’t I tell you not to come in?” His voice lacked all forms of strength and it even had a bit of trill.
  • Without even lifting her head, Han Muzi already felt that his deep eyes resembled an ambushing wolf in the dark night. She refused to meet his eyes and instead repeated what she said earlier. Yet, Ye Moxuan was still motionless and slowly raised his hand to grab her wrist. “Do you know how hard I’m trying to resist myself?” he asked in a husky voice.
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