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Chapter 866 Meeting the Parent

  • Han Muzi noticed that as well. Not only did the warmth in Song An’s gaze vanish completely at the mention of Yuchi Jin, the temperature around her rapidly dropped as well.
  • She wouldn’t show such a drastic change if it weren’t for an extreme turn of emotions. Han Muzi was suddenly curious at Song An’s change of emotions. I wonder what transpired between Old Master Yuchi, Yuchi Xin and Yuchi An. Why did both sisters leave the old man all alone without ever coming back home? Besides, it has been so many years, but she has not forgiven the old man over the years. Song An’s resentment toward him is still there. However, no matter how curious I am, I wouldn’t dare to ask about it since I’m much younger than her. Furthermore, I don’t think the issue is as simple as that and it is most probably a sore point for Song An. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been conflicted and it wouldn’t have taken her so long before she agreed to fly over.
  • When she thought of that, Han Muzi stated in a quiet tone, “I am very grateful for you to fly all the way here, Aunty Song. You can tell me if there are any difficulties at all. I would never force you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.” This is my problem after all. I wouldn’t have asked Song An for help if I did not run out of ideas.
  • Song An smiled faintly when she heard that and the warmth flashed in her eyes again. She glanced at Han Muzi before reaching out to caress the back of her head. “You’re such a good girl. I appreciate your consideration of my feelings. However, I am fine. Since I am here, some things… should be dealt with after all.” Escaping is not the best solution. I would like to see what else the old man has up his sleeves and when he will stop pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
  • Song An asked abruptly as if she was reminded of something, “I heard that… you’re pregnant?”
  • Han Muzi’s expression changed at the mention of her pregnancy, but she nodded swiftly. “Moxuan doesn’t know about that yet.”
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