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Chapter 594 So You Know What Pain Is?

  • “Are you heading home now? I can give you a ride.” After Ye Linhan paid for the bill, he took out his car key from his pocket as he exited the shop with her.
  • Han Muzi shook her head. “It’s okay, I am not heading home right away because I have other things to do.”
  • “Like what? I can drive you there. I mean, since today is the weekend and I have nothing to do.”
  • She furrowed her brows. “It’s really alright.”
  • Ye Linhan smiled at her. “Looking at the way you’re refusing me, I’m guessing it is because you have not forgiven me?”
  • He was giving her a hard time. Han Muzi replied, feeling helpless, “Vice President Ye, what you’re saying puts me in a tough spot. It’s just that I have errands to run and I honestly don’t want to trouble you. It’s not because of other matters.”
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