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Chapter 518 Whose Child Is That?

  • Did we sound intimate? Well, it might have sounded intimate when Little Bean and I were chatting. No, I think I sounded affectionate, more than anything else. He’s my son after all. Who else would I be affectionate with, if not him?
  • Looking at Han Muzi’s pale face, Ye Moxuan figured he guessed correctly. The hospital was especially quiet in the middle of the night, so Ye Moxuan had heard a child’s voice from the other end of the line when Han Muzi was on the phone. He pursed his lips into a thin line while gazing at Han Muzi.
  • “Who is that?” His voice was stone-cold, as though he was interrogating her.
  • Han Muzi regained her composure after several seconds, and she snapped back at him, “What gives you the right to question me?”
  • Ye Moxuan was astounded. “What gives me the right?”
  • “Exactly. What gives you the right?” Han Muzi felt bolder since she blurted her thoughts. She then smirked at him while asking him scathingly, “How is it any of your business whom I phone or whom I’m affectionate with? Do you consider me your full-time nanny just because I came all the way to send you your meal in the middle of the night? Do you think that your wish is my command? This is my personal life. I don’t think I’m obligated to report my life to you, am I?” With that, Han Muzi shoved him to the side hard and marched out of the bathroom.
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