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Chapter 685 Being Upfront

  • After the few of them were ready, they left for the Han Residence right away. Initially, Han Muzi was planning on driving there herself, but when she arrived at the parking lot, she remembered that she had left her car at the Ye Group yesterday. Now, she had no vehicle to take with her.
  • Little Bean and Yan, who were standing right next to her, asked in unison.
  • "Mommy, where's the car?"
  • "Muzi, where's the car?"
  • Han Muzi did not know how to respond. She touched her nose, feeling a little embarrassed. "I don't think it's… here."
  • "Yeah, we’ve noticed. So what should we do now? Should we walk all the way there?" Yan sighed and helplessly looked at Han Muzi. "I knew we couldn’t count on you. Let's call a cab." With that, Yan took out her phone and quickly called a cab.
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