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Chapter 895 It Was a Dead Knot

  • Everyone had already understood what she meant before she even finished her sentence. Yuchi Jin kept quiet for a moment before he abruptly commented, "Yu Bo, please bring some people to look for her around this area. If they can't find her in this area, go somewhere farther. We have to find her."
  • Yu Bo nodded as his face turned stern. "I got it, Old Master. I’ll go now."
  • After Yu Bo left, Song An felt she could not remain there either and was getting ready to leave. When she walked past Yuchi Jin, he stopped her. "You've just got here. There's no way you can find her by yourself."
  • Song An stopped as she heard what he said. She then stared at Yuchi Jin. "So?"
  • "Come home with me first. Yu Bo has sent people to look for her, so we should hear from them very soon."
  • Without hesitation, Song An declined Yuchi Jin's suggestion. She responded, "No, thanks. I'm not as patient as you, who can just sit there and wait for the news."
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