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Chapter 1212 Help You to the End

  • The woman remained silent for a moment before speaking to Yan, “Anyway, about this matter, thank you so much. My name is Lin Qin’er. What’s yours?”
  • Yan flashed her a pure smile. “My name is Zhou Xiaoyan!”
  • “Yan…” Lin Qin’er mumbled Yan’s name while being deep in thought. “Is the man with you your hubby?”
  • Yan blushed at the term ‘hubby’. She scratched her head embarrassedly while shaking her head in denial.
  • “No?” Lin Qin’er stared at Yan in confusion. “Aren’t you two having a vacation together?”
  • “Yes.” Yan nodded while explaining, “I’m having a vacation with him, but we aren’t a married couple. We are just boyfriend and girlfriend.”
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