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Chapter 486 Numb

  • Han Muzi was speechless upon seeing this.
  • He didn't want it when she gave him the pillow. Instead, he wanted to be cushioned by her.
  • Damn, what a wishful thought! Han Muzi murmured in her mind, but she did not resist. Since there were soft pillows on her legs and her back, it would not be uncomfortable for her to sit like this, so she just let him lie on it.
  • It was actually quite uncomfortable for Ye Moxuan to lean on her like this, but it was better than sitting upright all the time. Besides, he could take in the fragrance of this woman this way.
  • He was satisfied.
  • The ward was quiet for a while. When Han Muzi looked down at the back of the young man in front of him, she could only see his back with his stomach on her lap.
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