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Chapter 287 I Need an Answer

  • Outside the ward, after Shen Qi left, Zhu Yun and Mr. Jin quickly followed behind her.
  • "Young Lady, weren't you the one who saved her? Why doesn't she want to see you?"
  • "If she doesn't want to see me, then so be it. Let's go back first." Shen Qi didn't force it, and she could understand Han Xueyou's reason for not seeing her. It was exactly the same reason why she didn't want to see Han Xueyou before.
  • If Han Xueyou hadn't sent her those messages, Shen Qi would not have gone to the hotel to find her, let alone find out that she tried to commit suicide.
  • Until now, Shen Qi had not recovered from the trauma of seeing Han Xueyou committing suicide.
  • "Then our effort of coming here was in vain!" Zhu Yun couldn't help but complain. "That woman is too entitled. You were the one who helped her, yet she didn't even thank you. On top of that, she yelled so loudly when she said she didn't want to see you."
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