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Chapter 1228 I’m Very Virtuous

  • Since he had already said so, it would be unreasonable of Yan if she continued to deny it. In the end, she lowered her head blushingly and said, “T-Then let’s stay in one room.”
  • After walking ahead, the staff member suddenly noticed that the two of them were not following behind him. He was about to walk up and talk to them when he saw her blushing as she stared at Han Qing and whispered something. Moreover, Han Qing was standing very close to her.
  • The staff member thought back to what he witnessed on the boat, then rubbed his nose in embarrassment. He did not step closer; instead, he stood where he was, looking elsewhere while he waited. In his heart, he thought to himself, Once I go back, I’m going to go on the blind date my mother wanted to arrange for me. Maybe I’ll get a girlfriend that way. Then, I can go traveling with her; I won’t be forced to suffer other people’s public displays of affection anymore!
  • After successfully arriving and checking into the hotel, Yan was instantly amazed by the interior of the room. Then, she gave Han Muzi a video call, sighing in amazement as she did so. “What do you think? Isn’t the interior awesome?” Showing Han Muzi the entire interior of the hotel room, she bragged, “You’ve given us such a beautiful opportunity to enjoy this because you decided not to come.”
  • Han Muzi helplessly watched Yan bragging, then she whispered, “That’s enough from you. Did you forget why I arranged for this trip?”
  • Yan abruptly remembered that Han Muzi had booked the trip even though the couple had no intention of going on vacation—it was a ploy by Han Muzi to give her a push from the shadows. She hastily looked over her shoulder and saw Han Qing standing on the balcony far away. Then, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t just talk as you please! What if your brother heard it?”
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