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Chapter 1622 Guess What I Brought You

  • After Meng Kefei had finally calmed down, she reached for Tang Yuanyuan's hands. "Please don't pick a fight with them. Even though they can't measure up to you in terms of family background, they are both crazy and you have no idea what they might do when they're desperate."
  • Tang Yuanyuan wrinkled her nose. "I didn't know who they really were before, but now I do. It's hard for me to not do that."
  • Not knowing what else to say, Meng Kefei felt helpless. She knew well that if Tang Yuanyuan was able to hold it in, she would not have got into a fight with them earlier. However, she also did not feel the need to please them. She could have very well avoided all the things that Zhang Xiaolu and Yuan Yuehan did to her had she chosen to be a hypocrite. But she could not bring herself to behave that way, which was what caused her to be bullied by them.
  • Meng Kefei reckoned this was also Tang Yuanyuan's mindset, so she commented, "Alright then. Just try your best and stay safe."
  • "I should be telling you this, Fei. If they ever threaten or hurt you again, please let me know."
  • "Sure."
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