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Chapter 839 It’s Love, Not Enchantment

  • Meanwhile, in the Yuchi residence, after the incident of the call from Yuchi Jin, Ye Moxuan decided to not go back with Han Muzi for the time being. If he spent his time outside for too long, it might raise the suspicion of his grandfather.
  • It wasn’t easy for George to cover up for him, so he had to at least put on an act.
  • He had just been together with Han Muzi recently, and their relationship wasn’t stable yet. If something were to happen, he wasn’t sure whether she would be scared off.
  • “You’re back.”
  • “Grandfather.”
  • Yuchi Jin looked at his grandson before him with his pair of dark, piercing eyes. This grandson of his looked a lot like his mother, especially the determination in their eyes, which made them look exactly the same.
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