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Chapter 1191 I Can Learn

  • Han Muzi smiled as she nodded. “There’s nothing inappropriate about it. For both of us, it’s just a name; the surname doesn’t matter.”
  • Most people would care about their surnames, but for Ye Moxuan and Han Muzi, a pair who had suffered so much, fame and fortune were not worth mentioning in their books. She simply wished that their days would pass peacefully and safely; other things were unnecessary.
  • Glancing over at Ye Moxuan, she saw that his eyes held no opposition toward her suggestion. Instead, his eyes watched her with an indulgent smile. Thus, she discussed it with him, “Let Little Bean take on grandfather’s surname, then let Little Sprout take after your surname. What do you think?”
  • His entire body trembled at her words; he would be included, but she had nothing to show for it. Recalling how painful it was for her to give birth, he pursed his thin lips and was about to speak.
  • “My brother can carry on the Han surname. He and Yan have become a couple now; do we need to worry that there wouldn’t be any children with the Han surname?”
  • That’s true. Ye Moxuan finally felt relieved when he heard those words, and he smiled faintly.
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