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Chapter 153 It Turns Out You’re Just Like Them

  • Befuddled, Shen Qi continued to nod. Right after that, she realized that there was something odd about the two questions just now. Then, the fog in her eyes started to lift, and she could finally see Ye Moxuan who was in front of her clearly. What did he ask just now?
  • Ye Moxuan was satisfied with the two answers he received. Although he refused to admit it, he was extremely delighted now and a perfect arch had appeared on his thin lips. “Miss Second-marriage, you’ve fallen in love with me.”
  • Shen Qi widened her eyes instantly and pushed him away with all her might. “Nonsense!”
  • With that push, Ye Moxuan fell back onto his wheelchair.
  • “Nonsense? Miss Second-marriage, you can’t hide your feelings. Admit it, you like me.”
  • Shen Qi covered her ears and shouted at Ye Moxuan angrily, “I don’t like you! Stop humiliating me! Why would I fall for someone like you?”
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