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Chapter 606 A Different Side

  • Mr. Potbelly felt this person had a dry personality for not wanting to hear the secrets from one who had gone before him, so he pursed his lips. "Please don't be so arrogant, young man. If you keep doing this, one day you will suffer. Since you are not interested in hearing it, I am not going to say it."
  • Mr. Potbelly walked enthusiastically to catch up to his wife. Looking at him from behind, Ye Muxuan tried to catch up without any emotions.
  • "Let me tell you, you can't really put up with men too much. Otherwise you will lose your place in the family. Listen to me, you have to play cat and mouse with them. Sometimes you have to treat them nicely, and sometimes not. This is how you make them feel that you are important. Also, for situations like what happened earlier, you have to decide for it yourself. If he does not want to follow along, you should just ignore him until he decides to come along."
  • Han Muzi was feeling a little embarrassed. She did not feel she needed any tricks to keep her husband in control because to her, Ye Muxuan was not even her husband. What use was there even if she learned all the tricks?
  • Mr. Potbelly’s wife was really enthusiastic. If Han Muzi were to tell her at this point that Ye Muxuan was not her husband, she was afraid she would be throwing her off.
  • Forget it. Let's take it as having a new friend around.
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