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Chapter 1540 My Mother-in-Law Has Agreed

  • When they got off the car, Du Xiaoyu pulled at Jiang Xiaobai’s sleeve.
  • “What’s going on? You’ve gone overseas for six months, and a divorce is what you’ve decided after thinking for so long? Xiaobai, are you sure that… this is what you want?”
  • Du Xiaoyu wanted to ask her if she knew what she had said when she was drunk.
  • But her daughter was stubborn since young. If she told her daughter what the latter was like in her drunken state, would her daughter think that she was lying to her?
  • It might also hurt her pride and dignity.
  • “Yeah, I’ve decided.” Jiang Xiaobai smiled unconcernedly. “I had been torturing myself for the better half of this year. Actually, I don’t like this kind of life where I’m perpetually affected by my relationship every day. I’m a human, so I should learn how to control my feelings and emotions instead of letting them take over my life. If this goes on, I’m just wasting my youth and time.”
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