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Chapter 825 Special Feeling

  • This question… Ye Moxuan squinted to stare at the woman who was right in front of him. This question seemed to be aimed at changing the atmosphere, but she had a serious look on her face, one that was void of affections and desires. Why?
  • Ye Moxuan took another look at her eyes to find out more. "What feelings?" His voice was deep and his hands were holding her by her head.
  • Han Muzi had not noticed the affectionate look under his eyes as she was focused on getting his memory back. She asked, somewhat in despair, "Do you have to ask me that? Can't you tell whether or not you have a special feeling?"
  • A special feeling? Ye Moxuan tried to recall something. The first time he kissed her, it indeed felt like some fragments of memories were crossing his mind. Before he could capture them, they were already gone. It was so quick that he could not even see them. That was the only time that it happened. Ever since then, he had never encountered that again.
  • At this point, Ye Moxuan pursed his lips. "If that counts as a special feeling, then the answer is yes." Of course, there were things that he did not say, just so that he would not scare off this woman who had a serious look on her.
  • To be frank, when he was kissing her, he had a strong desire… He wanted more; he wanted to completely take her in.
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