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Chapter 451 His Career Is More Important

  • "Oh my God, there's so many." Lin Xinghuo widened her eyes as she stared at everything in front of her in disbelief. "T-These are all your works? But why are there so many?"
  • Han Muzi smiled and said softly, "This is my brother's collection. Most of them were already on the market; some have been bought, and some only made one appearance before being kept here."
  • "Wow, Muzi, your brother really dotes on you." Lin Xinghuo couldn't help clutching her chest. After all, she didn't expect such a cold man to be so caring. What should I do? I feel like I'm falling in love with him! Sobs!
  • "Let's go." Han Muzi took her inside. "I designed this dress very attentively, but it hasn't been on the market since it was made, so no one has ever seen it before. Today, I will give it to you as an apology."
  • Lin Xinghuo looked at the skirt that seemed to have a 3-D effect as it bounced off reflections. She was so moved that she almost cried.
  • "Muzi, you are so good to me. I didn't expect that in my lifetime I would wear a hand-designed dress made by my idol! On top of that, it’s even the most precious piece. I have probably saved the galaxy in my previous life to be receiving this now! Muzi, come together with me to the press conference!"
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