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Chapter 744 As Long as He’s Safe

  • Even though she already knew that Han Qing wouldn’t have told her if he wasn’t certain, she was worried about what she stood to lose.
  • All of this felt so surreal; after all, a lot of time had passed, but they still had no clue of Ye Moxuan’s whereabouts.
  • Even if they got wind of his location, she wouldn’t think it was real; it felt as though the information was so fragile that it would pop like a bubble if someone so much as mentioned it.
  • Han Qing had never really seen Han Muzi behave in such a way. She was already a mother of one, but at that moment, she looked like a young lady as she stared at him with her red and pitiful eyes; her face was full of unrest, making it seem like her soul itself was trembling restlessly.
  • He reached out his hand to cover the top of her head. The warmth from his palm just passed on to her continuously, comforting her with his unique actions.
  • “Don’t worry.”
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