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Chapter 158 Being Completely Ignored

  • Ye Linhan looked at Shen Qi with gentle eyes and an encouraging smile. He couldn’t help but silently compliment her.
  • It seemed like this girl wasn’t as helpless as he had imagined.
  • He spoke promptly, “Supervisor Xu, you keep complaining that she lacks ability. I didn’t know that you didn’t even give her a chance to explain. What if I acted hastily like you and doubted your ability as well?”
  • Xu Liao started to shudder. Now that Vice President Ye had spoken, what should he do?
  • Xu Liao looked at Ye Moxuan.
  • Ye Moxuan stared coldly at Shen Qi while she was still printing the documents orderly and progressively, calm and composed.
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