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Chapter 1366 Don’t Want to Know Anymore

  • “After we grew up, the Xu family moved away. We didn’t even keep in touch these few years, so how could she have become my fiancée?” Han Qing explained to her softly while Yan finally cooled down to listen to him.
  • According to him, the both of them seemed to not have any relationship at all. Then why did Xu Yanwan claim herself as his fiancée? “Are you sure both of you aren’t engaged? She’s not your fiancée?”
  • “Yan, a wedding engagement isn’t a small matter. Do you think I’ll forget about it if the both of us are really engaged?”
  • Yan suddenly was speechless. She suddenly thought of something and asked suspiciously, “Then back then when we were at home and I asked you why you didn’t tell me about this, but you only replied it’s hard to put it into words… Weren’t you referring to this?”
  • Han Qing recalled for a moment and suddenly laughed. “I thought you were referring to why I don’t celebrate my birthday.”
  • Yan was at a loss for words. So, I was mad for nothing all this while? Han Qing had misunderstood her question and she had also misunderstood him.
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