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Chapter 820 Slow Down

  • Seeing her in this way seemingly reminded Rory of something, which made her blush. She cautiously asked, "Is that—"
  • Before she could finish her sentence, Han Muzi coughed a few times and interrupted her, "It's just my allergy acting up. Please don’t overthink."
  • Han Muzi calmly denied it, though her ears had turned extremely red. She picked up the chopsticks and commented, "Let's dig in and stop thinking about any other nonsense."
  • Rory smiled at her and nodded. After a while, she looked up at Han Muzi. "We've both known each other for quite some time now, but I never got your WeChat ID. Should we add each other?"
  • Thinking that she was alone abroad and might sometimes need help, Han Muzi nodded and exchanged her WeChat details with Rory.
  • When Han Muzi's phone vibrated, she took a look at it and noticed it was a text from Su Jiu, telling her that she was available now and she could give her call whenever she was available.
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