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Chapter 1121 Deserve the Best

  • “That’s right. Yu Shan even threw herself at President Han, but he shoved her away…”
  • “Yu Shan is so pitiful.”
  • “Well, well, it serves her right to throw herself at a man in public. Let’s see if she has the audacity to do that in the future.”
  • Yu Shan’s gaze became fierce when she heard that. However, as she had just embarrassed herself in front of everyone, she lacked the courage to argue with them, hence, she left after stomping her feet in frustration, leaving her father with no choice but to follow suit.
  • On the other hand, Su Yaoyao’s father stoically stated, “Luckily, you did not act like Yu Shan earlier. Otherwise, you would have embarrassed yourself.”
  • Su Yaoyao was initially in a foul mood, but after seeing how exasperated Yu Shan was, she felt better somehow. I might not be the lucky woman today, but at least I’m not having the worst luck. Yu Shan has almost 80% of the crowd’s attention, so she’s bearing most of the humiliation tonight. “Dad, didn’t you mention that President Han has never taken a date to attend banquets? Who is that woman just now? I thought I saw her throwing herself at him.”
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