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Chapter 1112 Stop Resisting

  • “If my disfigurement would increase your confidence, I don’t mind disfiguring myself.” Ye Moxuan’s large hand went around her to entwine their fingers together. His voice was husky when he spoke again, “To me, you are the most important thing here. I don’t care what others think.”
  • Han Muzi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. That’s right... We are the most important people to each other. Why does it matter what others might think? Nevertheless, I care what Ye Moxuan thinks. Right now, he’s saying that he is willing to disfigure himself just to stay with me and to give me more confidence. In that case, what other excuses do I have?
  • Han Muzi grabbed his hand when she thought of it and Ye Moxuan chuckled when he felt her grip. He tightened his grip around her small hands in return. “What happens now? Are you still planning to resist me in the future?”
  • Han Muzi shook her head. “I will stop resisting.”
  • “Will you still feel that you aren’t worthy of me?”
  • Han Muzi continued to shake her head. There is no such thing as being worthy of each other when it comes to relationships. It only matters if a person is deeply in love with their partner and that they are together willingly. “I won’t.”
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