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Chapter 843 Threat

  • Everyone was almost shell-shocked by her words!
  • The several men in suits looked toward her in disbelief as their faces turned pale. This girl really dares to ask him about it. Seeing how much she is demanding, it looks like Old Master Yuchi is going to be furious. Then, all of them glanced at Old Master Yuchi.
  • Sure enough, he was so angry that his face had turned dark. He pointed at her furiously. “W-What did you just say? Say it again.”
  • Han Muzi let out a sweet smile with her red lips. “Grandfather, what’s wrong? Didn’t you say just now that I can have whatever I want? And isn’t Yuchi Shen more important than the Yuchi residence in your eyes? If you’re not giving me what I want, then I won’t leave him. After all, to me… even if you hand over the whole Yuchi residence, I still won’t leave him.”
  • Her words stunned Yuchi Jin as he didn’t expect her to say that she wouldn’t leave even if he handed over the whole Yuchi residence to her. How much of her words is true? Is she this confident because she knows that I won’t agree to it?
  • Heh,” he sneered. “It doesn’t matter if you want it or not. I won’t agree to such a ridiculous request. If you think that I’ve offered you too little money, then I’ll add more to you. Just take the money and leave!”
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