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Chapter 1244 I’ve Even Carried You When You Were a Baby

  • “What happened here?”
  • “Miss Han!” As soon as the receptionist caught sight of Han Muzi, the contemptuous expression on her face earlier instantly morphed into a completely different expression, and she trotted over to Han Muzi in an ingratiating manner. “Miss Han, why are you free to come to the office today? President Han went on a business trip a few days ago, so he isn’t in the office now.”
  • When the woman who’d been chased away in the distance heard that Han Qing had gone on a business trip, a glimmer of turmoil flashed across her eyes. So, he has gone on a business trip?
  • Flashing her a faint smile, Han Muzi replied in a soft voice, “I know.”
  • The receptionist was stunned for a moment before she then gathered herself together. She felt that she’d said something useless. She’s President Han’s beloved sister, so when the brother has to leave for a business trip, he’ll definitely notify his sister. She rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment. “Miss Han, why don’t you take Little Young Master upstairs first?
  • Han Muzi had initially planned to go upstairs because she was here to visit Su Jiu after taking a look around, but now, she had something else to handle. “I’m in no hurry. Tell me what had happened here first. Who is she?”
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